Best of December clips from Columbus

December was a big month of change. I packed my bags and moved from Lorain, Ohio, down to Columbus. I gave up the title of Staff Photographer at The Morning Journal for an opportunity to intern with the Ohio News Photographers Association’s best photo staff at The Columbus Dispatch. The move seemed kind of crazy, considering the climate within this industry and how hard it is to find staff jobs, but I felt it was a good move for my personal growth. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

So, December was my first month at The Dispatch and working in Columbus. It was an adjustment. I was used to being the only day-time photographer on staff, and shooting somewhere between three and seven assignments in a day in Lorain. The freedom to actually spend time on location or with a subject actually took some getting used to. Because of that freedom and slower schedule, though, the expectations are higher and there’s really no excuse not to do your best work on any given assignment. Not to mention being the No. 13 photographer in the lineup adds a little more to the competitive spirit than being No. 2.

There was a good mix in December. I shot hockey for the first time ever, and hopped right in the deep end covering the NHL. Hockey is a really fun sport to shoot, especially using arena strobes where you lose your camera’s burst mode. Going from 12 frames per second to one frame every three seconds is an adjustment that adds to the fun for me. It forces you to work hard, plan ahead and focus on timing to get the right photos.