Best of June from Lorain

I really hope to start posting more on this blog in the near future. There have been a lot of changes at work that have resulted in me having more time on my hands and more opportunities to spend more time on individual stories.

Hopefully I can get this blog updated as much as I used to, and maybe I can still figure out how to resurrect all my old posts, too.

Anyway, here are my picks from the month of June. I had a blast shooting the OHSAA state softball tournament at the beginning of the month, despite a lot of rain delays and multiple drives between Lorain and Akron. It was a lot of fun to get to spend three days working in some different scenery and getting to shoot a lot of sports. One of the biggest things I miss from college is getting to shoot all of the big college sports all the time.

Softball grew on me a lot this spring. I had never shot it previously and at first it seemed like I wouldn’t like it, but once I got to cover a few teams on a regular basis, it became a lot more fun. Softball is a unique sport. Much more so than I thought before. I had always thought of it as “small baseball” but it is about as different as indoor and beach volleyball are rom eachother.

I also borrowed a Canon 5D Mark III from the Canon Professional Services for two weeks in June. I really enjoyed that camera. Maybe a little too much. Ever since sending it back I’ve been itching to get my hands on one again. The image quality, and just the overall look of the full frame sensor over my 7Ds was something I got hooked on. There are a few drawbacks to the 5D like overall lack of speed, but what it lacks there, I have to admit it makes up for with its autofocus and sensor. Hopefully they will come down in price a bit in the near future.

So here are my June picks. Feel free to share, or comment!