Best of May clips from Columbus

May marked the end of my six-month internship at The Columbus Dispatch. My time there really flew by – like, to a crazy degree.

I was disappointed for it to end when it did. I feel like I do my best work in the summer months, and it didn’t get nice outside until my last few weeks there. Internships are like that, I suppose. You have to give it all you have every day. It’s pretty exhausting, to be honest, especially when you’ve been a staffer for the previous year and a half and aren’t in college anymore. There’s a certain amount of youthful energy and maybe a little bit of blind ambition required to be an intern and the older you get, the harder it can be to muster that up some times. The Wizard Oz effect, maybe. Once you’ve crossed over from an intern to a staffer, it’s hard to get back into that mode.

This time off was sort of welcomed at first, but I barely picked up my cameras in June. This is the most time off I’ve had in longer than I can remember, honestly. I hadn’t had more than five days off in a row since my first or second year of college. Between school, internships, freelancing and working at The News Record in college I’ve worked pretty constantly for the past five years. I have to say, after about three weeks the time off becomes very overrated.

Anyway, my time at The Dispatch was great. I got to work with a ton of extremely talented people, work on some fun stories, do a few things for the first time, explore a part of the state I had never spent much time in, go some places a lot of people never get to go and last but not least, I refreshed most of my portfolio with some new work.

Working as an intern for six months after working as a staff photographer for a year and a half was a weird transition. Maybe I’m crazy for leaving a staff job to be an intern, but maybe it will turn out to be the best thing I ever did for myself. Only time will tell, but I don’t regret anything. I can say now that I’ve worked in every major market in Ohio, I’ve worked at two of the three major newspapers in the state and now I have connections in all of those places. The Dispatch is great about getting photos out on the wire, too. I got to see my photos pop up in a lot of papers across the country, and even internationally, that I had never seen them in before. I wish there was a good way of tracking that stuff.

So, I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands lately and I’ve been trying to stay busy. Hopefully I can find myself back in a newsroom sooner than later.

Here are my ONPA clips for the month of May.