Best of November from Lorain

I recently got around to joining the Ohio News Photographers Association, and part of the fun of that includes participating in the monthly clip contests.

This has been great for a few reasons, including that it gets me to go throw all of my work at the end of the month and pick out the best eight or nine photos to enter. The first month I participated in was October, but I wasn’t especially pleased with what I had to show from that month. Since then I’ve started using my own cameras full time (unless I need to use my 300mm from work) and I think it’s elevated my work a bit. My personal stuff is just more familiar and in much better condition, so I think it gets me to do a better job.

My picks for November are pretty sports-heavy. I got to shoot my second-even NFL game when the Browns played the Ravens in Cleveland. I also covered the OHSAA football playoffs up until the Regional Finals when Avon Lake, the last school alive from out coverage area, was knocked out by Toledo Central Catholic.

I covered my first court sentencing, too. Somehow I had never shot court before. In my time at The Enquirer every time I got assigned something in the courts it ended up getting rescheduled or cancelled. That was an interesting experience.

I also picked out a couple fun features, and a portrait I shot of a local professional boxer that I was pretty happy with.

November was a decent month, and hopefully December will continue to get better. Hopefully I make it out to a Cavs game soon. I’m looking forward to my first NBA experience.