Cincinnati sports photographer heaven in August

For a sports photographer, things don’t get much better than August in Cincinnati.

The second half of the MLB season is in full swing, The Bengals kick off their pre-season, at Western & Southern Open brings the best tennis players in the world to town and college football is just about to get rolling. Along with all that action comes a really weird schedule and a lot of time away from home, but it’s also the beginning my favorite part of the work year.

Last August brought my first shot at traveling to cover sports, when I flew to Tampa and photographed the Bengals pre-season game against the Buccaneers. South Florida in August is truly an experience. Wading through the thick, wet, hot, sticky air with all the gear you shoot an NFL game … It didn’t rain during that game, but I left the stadium looking like I had taken a shower with all of my clothes on. The mission was a success, though, and everything went smoothly, aside from Jim Owczarski (also on his first Bengals road trip) and I accidentally ditching Paul Dehner Jr. at the airport. A valuable lesson was learned about accepting surprise direct flight at the gate, and to this date we have yet to have another man left behind… it helps that PDJ still brings it up every time we fly together.