New website and portfolio launched for 2014

With the end of my internship at The Columbus Dispatch, and the midway point of 2014 arriving around the same time, I thought it was time to finally throw a complete overhaul at my website and portfolio. My portfolio website has been fairly static, as far as design goes, since the time I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in spring 2012, and I believe I had been using that overall layout since late 2010. When I initially put that website together I was still in school, working a lot of freelance jobs around Cincinnati and also trying to showcase a much wider range of services. Since graduating and working professionally, I had been wanting to refocus my web presence to photography and multimedia. After relaunching my blog in late 2012, my portfolio website just didn’t quite match up anymore in design or usability. One of my favorite things about being part of a creative community and circle of friends is that I nearly always “have a guy for that” when I need some help. In this case I was able to collaborate with my longtime friend and designer, Kevin Cornett, who had recently created a portfolio-oriented website layout, complete with some fancy responsive coding that would make my new site much more user-friendly on tablet and cell phone screens. Along with his basic layout and coding, I was able to make some of my own adjustments, additions and other customizations to make the site fit my look and requirements to show off photography work. Web design has been sort of a semi-professional hobby of mine since I was 10 years old, so getting to work on this project with my friend was actually a lot of fun. The new website launched about a month ago and I’ve continued to make little tweaks to it here and there, but overall I am very happy with it. The coding and design are very clean and easy to work with, it’s easy to add content to or update and most importantly, it focuses completely on the photography. To check out the new website, visit and to see some more of Kevin’s work, visit his website at