Pay off in July

For all the craziness of June, July was the pay off.

Cincinnati hosted the 2015 MLB All-Star Game, the big moment I had been looking forward to since I first accepted my new job at The Enquirer. For a kid who grew up loving and playing baseball and always dreaming of playing in the All-Star Game, this was pretty much as close as I could have ever hoped to get.

All of the fanfare around the ASG was mind boggling. For a week, Major League Baseball owned downtown and the city’s pride in The Reds was at a level it probably hadn’t been since the 1990 World Series. Lucky for me, I got to focus on the events taking place on the baseball field and pass on the events around town. The Futures Game, Celebrity Softball, Home Run Derby and All-Star Game were all on my slate and they turned out to be a ton of fun … aside from maybe that actual All-Star Game, but that was purely due to media logistics and the fact that pitting the league’s best pitchers against each other results in a pretty dull game.

When all was said and done, ASG Week was a pretty big success for the city and for our paper. It’s great to be able to say I’ve covered the event and can now tell people about how crazy it is to cover such a media spectacle.

July was huge for Cincinnati, and for Cincinnati sports.