Starting fresh, been a while

Well, I haven’t updated the blog since June. A lot has changed since then. Everything has changed. So I figured it was time to change the blog, too.

New layout to complement my new job. Actually, I guess it’s not that new anymore. Anyhow, since the last time I posted I accepted a job as a staff photojournalist at The Morning Journal in Lorain, Ohio. I packed my bags, stuffed my car and set off for north eastern Ohio. It’s a long way from Cincinnati and it’s a pretty different kind of place, but I’m getting along nicely, I’d say.

I miss Cincinnati, though. All the time, really.

But that’s another story. In the meantime, I figured my first post on the new blog should be a catch-up from where I left off. So here is a collection of all my favorite shots I’ve had in print since moving to Lorain.