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A new chapter, back in Cincinnati

In May 2015 I accepted an offer to return to the Cincinnati Enquirer as a full-time sports photographer. I was in a great position at Ohio State University, but an opportunity to return to a city I love and join the staff of the newspaper where I interned during college, and return to the kind […]

Best of May clips from Columbus

May marked the end of my six-month internship at The Columbus Dispatch. My time there really flew by – like, to a crazy degree. I was disappointed for it to end when it did. I feel like I do my best work in the summer months, and it didn’t get nice outside until my last […]

Best of April from Columbus

The weather finally seemed to break in April. The sun is put later, the trees are green again… this is my favorite time of year to shoot, and thankfully the gray days of winter are gone for at least a few months. I had some fun in April. Miley Cyrus came to town, which made […]

March clips from Columbus

March provided a good mix of photos. The weather started to shape up and it was easier to spend more time outside. The OHSAA basketball playoffs took place and Ohio State’s basketball regular season came to a close. Hockey continued and the Columbus Crew began MLS action. Just like hockey back in November, I shot […]

February clips from Columbus

February was another cold and snowy month. And short. February is always so weird every year. You seem to spend the entire month inside and before you know it, it’s already over and you barely remember what you shot in those three weeks. Looking back February was a big month of sports and portraits. That […]

Best of January from Columbus

January was cold. The coldest. All of that Polar Vortex action came through and brought snow with it. I thought moving out of the Cleveland area would save me from having to shoot and drive in the snow this winter, but apparently I brought it all with me. The winter months are tough in this […]

Best of December clips from Columbus

December was a big month of change. I packed my bags and moved from Lorain, Ohio, down to Columbus. I gave up the title of Staff Photographer at The Morning Journal for an opportunity to intern with the Ohio News Photographers Association’s best photo staff at The Columbus Dispatch. The move seemed kind of crazy, considering […]

November clips from Lorain

November was my last month in Lorain. I took a big leap to leave the full time job I had for a year and a half to take a six-month paid internship at The Columbus Dispatch. I was looking forward to the opportunity to return to a larger market and work as part of a […]

Best of October clips from Lorain

More monthly clip submissions. As it would turn out, October will be my last full month at The Morning Journal. Posting now in my final week in Lorain, it seems kind of crazy that the next time I post one of these monthly round-ups will be from Columbus. So here is my second to last […]

Best of September clips from Lorain

Posting these a little late, but here is the group of photos I picked out from September.

August clips in Lorain

I passed my one year anniversary in July and August turned out to be a month full of deja vu sights and assignments. It’s funny how many things repeat themselves in smaller towns, and on the same weekends every year. It becomes a challenge to come up with something different and not drop in the […]

Best of July clips

Here are the best shots from the month of July. Summer seemed to have flown by this year.

Best of June from Lorain

I really hope to start posting more on this blog in the near future. There have been a lot of changes at work that have resulted in me having more time on my hands and more opportunities to spend more time on individual stories. Hopefully I can get this blog updated as much as I […]

Best of May from Lorain

May was one of the more news-filled months that I’ve had here. Actually, it might be the first one to not be dominated by prep sports. There were some good stories in May, including the arson at Admiral King Elementary that gained wide-spread attention.

Best of April picks

Monthly clips from April 2013.  

Best of March from Lorain

Here are my ONPA monthly picks for March. There’s a good mix in the month’s selections, I think. There was more news than usual, which is a nice change of pace.

February picks from Lorain

More catching up on posts. Here are my February picks submitted for the ONPA monthly clips contest.

January selects from Lorain

I’m way behind on updating here, but I thought I’d start catching up. January’s photos are sort of a wide mix. Lot’s of high school sports, with basketball in full swing. I shot my first swimming match and was pleased to grab most of the shots I was expecting to get. Next time will be […]

Best of November from Lorain

I recently got around to joining the Ohio News Photographers Association, and part of the fun of that includes participating in the monthly clip contests. This has been great for a few reasons, including that it gets me to go throw all of my work at the end of the month and pick out the best […]

Starting fresh, been a while

Well, I haven’t updated the blog since June. A lot has changed since then. Everything has changed. So I figured it was time to change the blog, too. New layout to complement my new job. Actually, I guess it’s not that new anymore. Anyhow, since the last time I posted I accepted a job as […]