Video: Columbus Blue Jackets suffer at box office

Last month I got to do my first real video at The Dispatch. I went out to a few Blue Jackets games just for a story about poor attendance at the Blue Jackets games. Despite having a few successful seasons in a row now, attendance is actually down from last season and the teams is still one of the worst performers in the TV ratings.

I was happy with the video. It was one of the first news videos I’ve had the opportunity to actually spend time on without a same-day turnaround. I haven’t gotten a chance to get the official numbers, but the video and story were big performers online, which is always a plus.

“The Blue Jackets are in fourth place in the eight-team Metropolitan Division, but they are 29th in a 30-team league in attendance, drawing 14,347 per game to Nationwide Arena, which has been filled to its 18,144-seat capacity only four times in 36 games this season.”

The full story can be seen here, if you’re interested: